The Power of Wanting

Tracy Duez and Cesar delve into the transformative power of wanting more, challenging the notion of 'wanting' as selfish. They explore purpose's role in desire and offer tools like the Wheel of Wants to clarify aspirations. Learn about aligning head and heart, fulfilling purpose, embracing growth, and how wanting can foster a more fulfilling life.Listen and read more

Project Management for Parents

In today's episode, we're joined by Hilary Kinney to discuss 'Project Management for Parents'. We'll explore the integration of project management principles in parenting and how it promotes harmony and efficiency within the family. Don't miss out!Listen and read more

What is coaching?

Lara Hogan explains the difference between coaching and mentoring, then goes on to coach me in a very real, scarily authentic coaching session. Don't miss this one.Listen and read more
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