Episode 112: Start Winning with Better Communication

March 12, 2018

In this episode, Cesar & Traci talk with Dennis Hong of SocialSavvySage.com.

Dennis offers simple, easy-to-use tips to overcome our basic communication styles especially through text communications.

Some of the topics he covers are:

  • What are the different communication styles that people might use?
  • How can these styles lead to misunderstandings when two people with mismatched styles interact?
  • How does modern text-based communication exacerbate misunderstandings?
  • How can you modify your text-based communication to lessen the chances of a misunderstanding?
The height of your leadership is determined by the depth and breadth of your ability to communicate.


Discover the differences between “warm” and “direct” communications styles and how assumptions create misunderstandings that don’t really exist.


You can find out more about Dennis Hong at:



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