Episode 114: The State of Project, Program, and Portfolio Management

April 16, 2018

Cesar & Traci invited Mr. Iain Fraser, Chairman of the global Board of Directors for the Project Management Institute in 2006 on to the show this week to discuss the state of project, programme and portfolio management in today’s organizations.

Iain is an author, speaker, trainer, and professional director.
His specialties include: Business Governance, Portfolio, Program & Project Mgmt Consultancy, Programme/Project Rescue, EPMO/PMO’s, Value Management, Change Management, Benefits Management.

In this episode, we talk to Iain about…

  • His take on the PM profession
  • Agile’s role in project management
  • His thoughts on certifications (hint… it’s not what you’d think)
  • What organizational leaders need to consider to be successful in the future
Iain is also the author of a PMI bestseller: “The Business of Portfolio Management – Boosting Organizational Value”  Today there is a gap between organizational strategy and day-to-day management activities. To capitalize on new opportunities, most workplaces need a radical transformation.
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