23 Reasons To Use The PM Prepcast to Prepare for the PMP Exam

October 23, 2011


If you have ever asked me what to use when preparing for the PMP exam, you probably heard me go on and on about the PM Prepcast.

I liked it so much when I was preparing that I decided to promote it here on PM for the Masses.

The links on this post are affiliate links.  That means if you purchase a copy of the PM Prepcast using my link, I get a commission.

Here are 23 reasons I think you should use the PM Prepcast (compensated affiliate) as you prepare for the PMP exam:

1. The Price

This honestly is how I first found out about the PM Prepcast: I googled “affordable PMP exam preparation tool.”  When I saw that it only cost $279 it almost sounded too good to be true.  I emailed them and asked a few questions to ensure this was legit.

I probably don’t have to tell you how much it costs to attend one of those PMP Exam Bootcamps.  The price can be in the thousands of dollars.  PMP Exam preparation webinars are usually in the hundreds of dollars as well.

With the PM Prepcast, you can pay only $279 , and the benefits are so great they deserved an entire blog post here on PM for the Masses.  Read on.



2. Cornelius

As with anything, the value of the PM Prepcast is directly related to the people behind it.

In this case, the person responsible for putting this course together is Cornelius Fichtner, PMP.

Cornelius has been working as a Project Manager in his native Switzerland, in Germany and in the USA for the last 18 years and received his PMP credential in April 2004. He has led projects for a financial services provider, a management consulting company, a national retailer and an internet startup company.

During my preparation for the PMP exam I had the chance to interact with Cornelius a number of times.  Since then, he has become truly a person I trust and look up to.

Cornelius is an outstanding project manager and educator, and I have no issues recommending him and everything that he produces.


3. The PM Prepcast gives you over 42 hours of video training

The PM Prepcast (compensated affiliate) will give you over 42 hours of lectures.  That is absolutely outstanding.  According to my calculations, that is the equivalent of 14 weeks of a 3-credit college course.

These lectures are provided in videos of the highest quality and they are for you to keep.


4. Supplemental PMP exam e-mail course

As part of the PM Prepcast  you will receive a free email corse on the 10 steps to becoming a PMP.

These are daily emails that will take you step-by-step through the whole process.

This course is included in the purchase price.


5. Learn the PMP exam material on the go

One of the features I liked the most about the PM Prepcast is its mobility.

It is formatted so you can watch it wherever you go, be it on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

I watched most of the material on my laptop, but occasionally watched it on my iPhone when I was travelling.

Because it is delivered as a podcast, your podcast software will keep track of where you were in case you pause a lecture.  If you then open that same lecture on your phone, it will pick up from where you left off.  Beautiful.


6. The organization behind the PM Prepcast it is PMI accredited

When I first looked into it, this is what really sold me on buying the PM Prepcast : Cornelius Fichtner’s organization is accredited as a PMI Registered Education Provider.


7. You will understand the PMP exam material rather than memorize it

The questions on the PMP exam are written to test your ability as a project manager and your knowledge of the PMBOK Guide material.

Most questions present you with fictitious situations in which, you, as the project manager, need to apply your knowledge to choose the best answer.

Rather than simply memorizing formulas and definitions, Cornelius covers the basics as to lay a foundation.  He then builds on that foundation so that you understand the principles and concepts necessary to help you answer the questions.

8. Access to Online Forums

Here’s another great perk of the PM Prepcast (compensated affiliate).  You will get access to their online forums.

In the forums you will be able to connect with other project managers that are preparing for the PMP exam.

You will be able to post questions, answers, make new contacts, and join in the conversation.

9. 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

In case you are not 100% satisfied, Cornelius promises to give you a full refund, no questions asked.

10. Cornelius’ Didactics

PMP exam preparation aside, I think Cornelius was the one of the best instructors I’ve ever had.

His native language is Swiss German, but he learned his impeccable English in England.  His eloquence, added to his passion for project management, translate to a clear, exciting teaching style.

Check out a small sample:

Cornelius makes the dry PMBOK Guide sound interesting and exciting.


11. You will get the required 35 contact hours for your PMP certification

Like myself a few years ago, many people have experience in project management without having had any formal training in it.

As part of the prerequisites for your PMP certification, PMI requires at least 35 hours of formal training, or “contact hours.”

The PM Prepcast offers you over 42 hours of video training, which satisfy the 35 contact hour requirement.

You even receive a certificate for your 35 contact hours.

12. Over 60,000 happy customers can’t be wrong

The PM Prepcast  has helped over 60,000 project managers.  The list of happy customers continues to grow.

 13. The PM Prepcast is easy to use

Whether you watch it on your desktop, laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone, it is very easy to use the PM Prepcast (compensated affiliate).

Lectures are organized by numbers which mimic the PMBOK Guide chapters.  I found that extremely easy to follow as I was reading through the PMBOK Guide.

You can watch the episodes back to back or you can select individual episodes and watch them separately.

14. This is what Cornelius does for a living

Cornelius dedicates a lot of time to his career as an educator.

His material comes from a lifetime of experience as a project manager and many years helping people pass the PMP exam.

15. PMP exam tips mailing list

Once you have purchased the PM Prepcast, you get automatically added to a mailing list.  Cornelius uses this mailing list to send out awesome PMP exam tips, news, and further resources.

CA_000416. I passed my PMP exam on my first try using almost exclusively the PM Prepcast

When I decided to take the exam, I did my research, especially when it came to choosing what materials I would use.  I had a full time job and a small child, so I knew I would not have a lot of time to study and prepare.

I also needed something that would be flexible enough to let me study whenever I had some free time.

I then got the PM Prepcast  and went through it twice.  A lot of the material covered was new to me.

As I went through the material, I felt like I had really learned and confident about passing the exam.

You can check my full testimonial here.

17. The PM Precast is updated for the new version of the PMP exam

Recently the PMI has changed some aspects of the PMP exam.

The PM Prepcast was updated accordingly, and I am confident that Cornelius will continue to ensure that his PM Prepcast is always up to date.

18. Good technical support

When I purchased my copy of the PM Prepcast, I planned on using it mostly on my laptop computer.

A few weeks later, I tried using it on my iPhone and I started having some issues.

I contacted technical support and was helped in less than 24 hours.  The problem was solved and I was able to watch the lectures both on my laptop and on my iPhone without a glitch.

PMBOK Guide19. PM Prepcast modules mimic the organization of the PMBOK Guide

The way Cornelius organized and numbered the lectures mirrors the chapter numbering of the PMBOK Guide.

For example, chapter 4.3 of the PMBOK Guide is about “Direct and Manage Project Execution.”  Similarly, lecture 4.03 of the PM Prepcast is called “Direct and Manage Project Execution,” and it covers the material present in chapter 4.3 of the PMBOK Guide.

This organization made it very easy for me to refer to and from the PMBOK Guide as I went through the PM Prepcast material.

20. You get 60 practice exam questions

As part of the PM Prepcast (compensated affiliate), you will receive 60 high quality practice questions.  Though you will need to answer a lot more questions than just 60, it is definitely a good start.

21. The PM Prepcast cuts down your study time

Because of its portability, you can watch the lectures whenever you have some free time.  That means you can fit in study time during lunch breaks, as you ride the train, or in the airplane.

Also, because it is an audio/visual tool, it is faster to cover the material than reading alone.

22. The PM Prepcast is yours forever

Unlike bootcamps and webinars, the PM Prepcast materials are yours to keep.

To this day I still watch it from time to time, especially the modules that cover areas of project management I’m not using as frequently in my job.

Watching it from time to time helps me maintain my understanding on how all aspects of the PMBOK fit together.

23. The PM Prepcast covers the entirety of the PMP exam material

I think that by now you got the picture.

The PM Prepcast covers the entirety of the PMP exam material.  Each topic receives special attention.

Cornelius explains the theory, the principles behind it and how it fits with the overal framework of the PMI.

I hope this post will help you as you prepare for your PMP exam.

I’d love to hear from you as you continue to prepare.

If you are a PM Prepcast alumnus, leave a comment below and share your experience with the PM Prepcast.