A Blueprint for Publishing Your Own Book: Episode 37

April 28, 2014



Last week we talked about writing.  It was a great chat with Mr. Jeff Goins and we talked about the human touch, the philosophy of writing, creating the habit of writing, and how writing is still powerful in this age of new media.

Today we talk business.

My guests and I always talk about the fact that a book can open many doors for us as professionals.  Since I firmly believe in that principle, I had made a decision and set a goal to write a book.  Someday.

Well, we all know how those “someday” goals usually end up.

Book publishing coach Patrick Snow

Book publishing coach Patrick Snow

That was until I met the dynamic Patrick Snow at a conference here in London, Ontario.

Among other things, Patrick is a professional book publishing coach, and he has a tested system for getting people to write their own books and publish them in record time.

His whole view on what a book is good for and how to use it in your career was fascinating to me, and though sometimes a bit matter-of-fact, in the end it made a lot of sense.

On today’s episode we will cover:

  • Patrick’s “World’s Greatest Marketing Secret”
  • How and when he published his book, got started as a speaker, and became a publishing coach
  • The three publishing options
  • What if a listener is not a very good writer and really doesn’t know what to write about?
  • The “holy grail of the professional speaking industry”
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes people make in writing an publishing a book?
  • How to get a complimentary publishing session for anyone interested in publishing a book

After my conversation with Patrick, I also talk a little bit about the eVa in the UK conference.

I’m really curious as to what you think about all of this.

What do you think about writing books?  Are you an author?  What’s your take on this?

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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