Mimicking Nature in Projects and Organizations: Biomimicry

June 24, 2020

Have you ever considered that the most powerful computer on Earth (the human brain) uses very little energy, generates practically no heat, and is even capable of building other computers?

Besides putting computers inside of heads, nature is also a master of organization, efficiency, communication, and getting results. Aren’t these what we are trying to achieve with our teams and businesses?

Nature has a lot of the problems we are trying to solve figured out. We just need to be open to learning.

As a primer for today’s episode, I recommend you watch this TEDx talk on Biomimicry in business:

So how can we learn more from nature and apply these lessons to our lives and organizations?

To talk about Biomimicry on this episode of the Project Management for the Masses podcast, I introduce you to Lex Amore, from the Biomimicry Institute.

Lex Amore

Lex Amore is Communications Director for the Biomimicry Institute and a biomimicry professional. Lex combines her background in biomimicry and public relations to serve as a connective tissue between humans and the natural world. She has advocated for sustainability thought leaders for the past decade, bringing expertise in writing and strategic communications to each project aimed at making a positive impact on the world.

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