Effective Strategies for Hiring Team Members: Insights from a Talent Acquisition Expert

September 14, 2022

Today I bring you author Tatiyana Cure, who wrote a great book that provides a blueprint for those looking to hire and acquire the right talent for their organizations.

Tatiyana Cure

About this Episode

In this episode, we dive into a fascinating conversation with Tatiana Cure, talent acquisition expert and author of “Hire to Win: Manager’s Practical Guide for Attracting and Interviewing Top Talent.” Tatiana shares her insights on how project managers can contribute to and improve the hiring process.

We discuss the importance of crafting job descriptions that align with business goals and the value of behavioral interviews using the STAR method. Tatiana also touches on the challenges of contracting and temp-to-perm hiring, suggesting alternative assessment methods like technical tests or case studies.

Tune in to learn about the role of project managers in recruiting and how their unique skills can streamline interview processes and contribute to data-driven hiring decisions. We also explore key performance indicators for talent acquisition and the need to focus on metrics that align with business objectives, like new hire retention rates and interview quality.

Don’t miss this insightful conversation with Tatiana Cure as we uncover how project management skills can revolutionize the talent acquisition process and help organizations attract top talent to drive success.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Crafting job descriptions that align with business goals
  • Behavioral interviews using the STAR method
  • Challenges of contracting and temp-to-perm hiring
  • Alternative assessment methods: technical tests and case studies
  • Project managers’ role in recruiting
  • Key performance indicators for talent acquisition
  • Focusing on metrics that align with business objectives
  • New hire retention rates and interview quality

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