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Managing Managers: How to Cut Busy Work and Boost Productivity

By Marlena Stoddard No matter what role an individual plays in a company, they need to be as productive as possible while on the clock. Therefore, it is important that managers implement policies that allow workers to get as much accomplished each day while eliminating as many frivolous tasks as possible. What are some ways […]


Are You Too Busy To Be Productive?

Note by Cesar: This is a guest post by Shikha Menwal. Shikha is a writer at ProofHub. Her academic credentials include a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences. From lifestyle, to technology, and management, etc. she has written about myriad of industries in her writing career during the last three years. Being productive at work is a […]

5 Ways Project Managers Fail (And How To Avoid Them)

Note from Cesar: This is a guest post by Brooke Cade. Brooke is a freelance writer with Workfront. When she is not writing, Brooke is committed to learning more about helping businesses and marketing professionals succeed with their project management goals. Thanks to technological advancements and the internet age we live in, being a project manager […]

Cesar Abeid On Project Management and What It Can Do For You

The following interview was conducted by Clark Buckner from (they provide top business software comparisons on project management platforms, marketing automation solutions, cloud backup and storage, and much more). Make sure to check out their Tech Conference Calendar for tech-related events. Cesar Abeid is a fellow Podcast Movement alumnus and the host of PM […]

Traci Duez at TEDx Houston?

Hello everyone! Here’s how you can help a fantastic human being. Traci Duez was my guest back on episode 2 of the PM for the Masses Podcast.  To this day I still hear from listeners about her and how much value she brought to the show.  Her interview is one of the most downloaded to […]

Networking in the 21st century?

Hello everyone! I’m working on a new presentation and would love your thoughts on this. When thinking about networking as a professional on this age of social media and instant communication, what comes to mind? Do you have any thoughts or tips on how to best network today?