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Katy Brouwer

What Are Employers Looking For In A Project Manager? Episode 39


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Today I bring you two conversations I had recently about the job market and the job seeker. First, I will share with you my conversation with Dr. Noel Radley, a project management researcher with Software Advice.  They analyzed 300 project management job listings and came up with some very […]

Epic Project Management: The Øresund Bridge: Episode 26


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Hello everyone and welcome to episode 26 of the PM for the Masses Podcast! Today we talk about the absolutely stunning Øresund Bridge, which connects Sweden and Denmark.  This project is specially unique because it involves a bridge, an island, and a tunnel.  For this episode of the […]

Challenges in establishing an integrated project management system

If you’ve ever used a project management information system, you know that while helpful, it can be challenging to integrate the information that such tools provide with other aspects of your business. Dr. Onur Tokdemir, Ph.D. explains how his company, Qatar Project Management (QPM) has dealt with this challenge. QPM has the goal of becoming […]