Challenges in establishing an integrated project management system

April 8, 2011

If you’ve ever used a project management information system, you know that while helpful, it can be challenging to integrate the information that such tools provide with other aspects of your business.

Dr. Onur Tokdemir, Ph.D. explains how his company, Qatar Project Management (QPM) has dealt with this challenge. QPM has the goal of becoming one of the top project management firms in the world by the year 2020. That’s not a short order, but the effort put into creating a state-of-the art project management environment had certainly helped them towards that goal.

Read Dr. Tokdemir’s fascinating article by clicking here.


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One comment on “Challenges in establishing an integrated project management system

  1. Nothing can replace the role of human interaction in successful implementations, but when Time and Money are important constraints to be bothered about, installing an online project management software is the best bet, where the updates and the feedbacks about the progress of the Project can be received immediately, without an expense. The traditional system of status meetings, where the members go around the hall updating the Team leader about the status of the project, take longer than necessary.