Corporate Culture with Evan McBroom: Episode 73

December 21, 2014

Hello everyone, and merry Christmas!

It’s good to be back on the show after a few weeks since the last episode.  As I share briefly on today’s episode, life happened really fast for me the last few weeks of the year and kept me away from the microphone.

On this special Christmas edition of the show, I bring you my friend Evan McBroom to talk about his thoughts on corporate culture.

Evan McBroom

Evan McBroom

Evan McBroom

Evan is founder of Fishhook, a marketing communications and creative services company. He is dedicated to serving as a communications partner and resource with churches and faith-based organizations.

He combines the passion of his faith journey with the expertise he gained during his 14-year career a large corporate communication and marketing agency to provide clients with senior-level communications consultation.

His company, Fishhook, is known for it’s culture – one that delivers incredible results, low turn-over and raving fans.

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