SoftwareAdviceToday I bring you two conversations I had recently about the job market and the job seeker.

First, I will share with you my conversation with Dr. Noel Radley, a project management researcher with Software Advice.  They analyzed 300 project management job listings and came up with some very interesting results.

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Katy Brouwer

Katy Brouwer

After my conversation with Dr. Radley, I grill Katy Brouwer, a recent graduate from a project management program, on some pretty interesting initiatives she is leading to network and establish an online presence as a new graduate.

It was fascinating to get these two perspectives.

If you are in the market for a new job in project management, the study conducted by Sofware Advice sheds light on what you may want to have shown on your resume.  Some of the findings were surprising.

From there, we hear from a recent graduate who has taken upon herself to network and add value to the field of Project Management.

If you are wondering where to start on your quest for that dream job, this episode is custom-made for you.

To listen to today’s episode, press the “play” button on top of this post.

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