Episode 102: What’s Your Mindset?

November 27, 2017
In our last episode, we talked about mindfulness. Mindfulness gives us the ability to make a choice. in this week’s episode, we’re going to focus on our willingness to make a choice. This deals with our mindset.


Have you ever worked with people who had tremendous skills but didn’t have the desire to do the work? Have you ever worked with people who have a desire to do the work but just didn’t have the competency for the capabilities to do so? This is what I call the difference between our cans and our wills.


Cans, Wills, and your GPS

These cans and wills are part of our GPS…Our Greatness Positioning System. This is much like the GPS on your mobile phone or in your car. It is a positioning system that uses three different satellites to triangulate your location in your life and career. The things that you can do well or the things that you’re proficient at are one satellite. The things that you want to do or that you’re passionate about are another satellite.


The final part or satellite of your greatness Positioning System (GPS) is the one that we discuss in this episode… and that is your MINDSET. You know, it doesn’t matter what you’re passionate about or even what you’re proficient at if you don’t have the mindset to grow, to take action, and to achieve.


Listen to this episode to discover the behaviors and characteristics of a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.


Grow Your Leadership

A key to growing your leadership is to know which area of your life has a fixed mindset and in which area you have a growth mindset. If you aren’t self-aware enough to know this, you could continually be setting yourself up to fail.


One of the two freebies with this episode is a link to Dr. Carol Dweck’s http://mindsetonline.com website where you can take an assessment to see your overall mindset and whether it leans toward fixed or growth.


In this episode’s second freebie, we give you a resource to expand your awareness of your fixed and growth mindsets. It’s a simple process and, at first, you may think that you already know what your mindset is in each area, but I challenge you to do the exercise anyway. Almost everyone who has completed this exercise has been surprised at their results. Are you ready to give it a try?



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