Episode 104: You can measure THINKING!??

December 11, 2017
In previous episodes, Cesar and Traci alluded to the fact that you could measure your thinking. Not what you think (that would be kind of spooky), but, in fact, how you think. That’s what we talk about this week…

Knowledge –> _____???______ –> Actions


What is the missing link between knowledge and actions… between skills and results.


Have you ever learned something new that you just loved so you wrote it down or you made sticky notes out… and you told yourself you were definitely going implement that new idea whenever you had the opportunity? Then, you never got around to it. Or maybe you even started but then it all fizzled out. Obviously it wasn’t the knowledge or skills that stopped you from taking action, so what was it? It was your thinking.


Measure Your Thinking


Use the link below to take a FREE online assessment that measures your VQs – your Value-judgment Quotients. It assesses how you perceive value from 36 different perspectives and shows you how to use your BEST perspectives to make your decisions and choices.
BE WARNED: The items and statements that it asks you to rank may seem weird because you are asked to rank them from best or most valuable to worst (and some a pretty bad).
You’ll also be able watch a FREE 4-part video series that shows you HOW to USE your results as well.



Grab your VQ Profile First Steps Report and 4-part video short course by clicking the button below.

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