The Hybrid Future of Project Management (and Work!)

February 24, 2022

Today I bring back cool cat Colin Ellis to the PM for the Masses podcast to talk about his latest book, The Hybrid Handbook: How To Set Yourself Up For The Future Of Work. As with more and more companies adopting a “hybrid” situation in which some employees work from home some or all of the time, while others work from the office, there are many factors to consider to ensure there’s success for organizations, employees, and of course, projects.

Colin Ellis
Colin Ellis

Colin Ellis

Colin D Ellis is an award-winning international speaker, Amazon #1 best-selling author and renowned culture change and project management expert who works with organisations around the world to help them transform the way they get things done.

Able to draw on more than 30 years of public and private sector leadership experience in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, Colin shares his knowledge of workplace culture and project management through his books, programs and speeches.

In 2020, The Project Book: How to deliver consistently great projects was named Australian General Business Book of the Year, whilst Culture Fix: How to create a great place to work was also a finalist. His latest book Culture Hacks: 26 Ideas to Transform the Way You Work was released in
January 2021.

Colin is also the creator of the Culture Makers Community, a virtual community that connects people and culture ideas from around the world.

His presentations and workshops provide people with actions they can take themselves to be successful. They contain anecdotes, statistics, practical insights and plenty of humour to ensure that audiences are engaged and laughing!

Colin is originally from Liverpool in the UK and now lives with his family in Melbourne, Australia. Despite being 17,000km away from home he still supports Everton and gets up at silly o’ clock to watch them play every week. He has no idea why.

Colin D Ellis – The Hybrid Handbook by Colin D Ellis
Colin Ellis’ The Hybrid Handbook


  • How’s the future of work going to be different than the past?
  • The office is one place where work happens, but not the only place.
  • Areas that require action:
    • Culture
      • Culture comes before “rolling out” a new hybrid policy
      • Elements of culture: Personality/Communication, vision, values, behaviour, collaboration, innovation
      • What’s the importance of bringing people together in-person when possible?
    • Eligibility
      • 52% of people prefer a hybrid model
      • 97% of organizations are planning to implement hybrid work, but only 37% are planning to redesign job roles and contracts.
    • Management
      • How to set the behavioural tone for others to follow?
      • How to translate the organization’s vision and purpose into meaningful results?
      • How to set expectations clearly?
      • How to keep people connected when they’re not in the same space?
      • Three essential skills:
        • Empathy
        • Communication
        • Setting expectations
    • Workspace
      • Variety is the spice of workspace
      • As managers, we need to role model what we expect from others when it comes to habits and behaviour in our “workspace.”
    • Technology
      • It’s not new! People have been working in a hybrid way for years
      • Some companies are using technology to track when employees are online
    • Remuneration
      • Organizations will need to rethink their compensation packages to ensure parity regardless of location.
      • Rather than spending $20,000+ on office space per employee per year, you may wish to invest $2,000 setting staff up for success remotely.

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