Is Your Project Sustainable? Episode 47

August 10, 2014

Sustainability is such a buzzword today.

Yet, I don’t think we think much about it when talking about projects – unless the project happens to be related to environmental, sustainability, green energy, or other related topic.  But even then, while the project might be “green,” what is the color of its management?

Today we talk about sustainability in projects with a guest who co-wrote the book on the topic, Rich Maltzman.

Rich Maltzman

rich maltzmanRich Maltzman, PMP, an engineer since 1978 and a PM practitioner since 1988, has extensive international experience, including a 2-year assignment in The Netherlands leading telecom deployment projects. He is Leader, Learning and Professional Advancement at a global telecom, and has been consulting and teaching in PM since 1990.

He has co-authored three PM books, including (with David Shirley, PMP) the 2011 Cleland Award-winning Green Project Management and the upcoming “Sustainability in Projects, Programs, and Portfolios: Realizing Enterprise Benefits and Goals.

Rich is a past VP of Professional Development for PMI Mass Bay, and teaches PM courses at Boston University, Curry College and the University of Massachusetts, Boston. He has spoken on the subject of PM and sustainability in South Africa, Malaysia, Costa Rica, and throughout North America.

You can buy Rich Maltzman and David Shirley’s book Green Project Management by using this link.

To listen to my conversation with Rich Maltzman, click the “play” button on top of this post.

Project Management for You

_podcastTemplateI continue to work on a new podcast series called “Project Management for You.”

In this series, which I’ll be releasing in the next few weeks, I will publish one episode every weekday, for about a week. I’m inviting some of my project management rock star friends to come and basically answer the question:

What is project management and what is the least we need to know about it?

I have recorded a number of these calls already and I am so excited about this project.

To be the first to know when this series will be launched, visit this page and enter the list.  I promised I’ll let you know as soon as it’s live.

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