007 Kanban and a Popular Blog: Pawel Brodzinski Explains How He Does It

August 25, 2013
Simple Kanban Board (credit: Wikipedia)

Simple Kanban Board (credit: Wikipedia)

Hello all, I hope you are enjoying the PM for the Masses Podcast.  I know I’m having a ball!

One of my goals with this show is to learn new things I know nothing about.  Today’s episode is a perfect example of it: I have heard so much about Kanban I decided to learn more about it.  What better way to do this than to get one of the top bloggers on this topic to come onto the show and explain it to me?

I hope you both learn something and are entertained by my ignorance 🙂

Pawel is one of the top project managers bloggers today, and his blog is really popular.  As usual, besides the topic at hand, I will ask Pawel how and why he started his blog, and how he managed to become a well known project manager on the internet.

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googleplusWe have been having a great time chatting about project management, our careers, our businesses, our blogging, podcasting, and all sorts of awesome things at the PM for the Masses Google+ Community.  I’d love to see you there!  I’d like to specially thank Alison from Knowledge Train, Michel from Project-Aria, Stephen Cross from Parallax, Margaret Meloni, and Tony Adams and everyone else who are chatting away at the community. I’m learning lots from you guys!

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Pawel Brodzinski

pawelbrodzinskiPawel Brodzinski is a leader, a team builder and a change agent, but most of all he is an always experimenting practitioner trying to make his teams work better (and learn in the process).

Pawel leads Lunar Logic, Ruby on Rails software shop in Krakow, Poland. He is passionate about building great teams, creating superb organizational culture and helping people to grow. All these while building excellent software in the meantime.

Pawel is a project manager who shares his insights on Kanban in particular and software project management in general on his Software Project Management blog.

Pawel lives in Krakow, Poland.

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Plug of the Week

A Travel Guide for Transitions Bas De BaarToday’s plug of the week is the astute Bas De Baar, from Shrinkonia.com, and his new book, co-written with Lori Kane called: A Travel Guide for Transitions: Because Freaking Out About This by Myself Totally Sucks.

Bas is a master of managing change, but most of all, he is really insightful when it comes to taking a step back and looking at the transitions we go through.  As his own website tagline says, he is “Learning how to splash around in the confusion and become more comfortable with shifting ground.”

If you would like to read a book and a blog that helps you make sense of transitions and change, I really recommend his work. Did I mention that all his blog posts and books are all illustrated by him?  Pretty cool.  Check out Bas de Baar at shrinkonia.com. If you contact him, let him know you heard about him from me here at the PM for the Masses Podcast.

Call to Action: Your Turn!

Have you used Kanban before?  Use the box below to tell us about your experience.  I’d love your insights and input!

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4 comments on “007 Kanban and a Popular Blog: Pawel Brodzinski Explains How He Does It

  1. Very impressive! Thank you very much for this article. pmp classes online

  2. Hello.  Thank you for this nice introduction to Kanban.  I love productivity tools, and online project management applications.  My question to your guest would be: what project management app is he recommending, ideally online?
    I am discovering leankit, but am discovering kanban at the same time, so I can’t really assess it yet.  It looks interesting.  You can take a look

  3. pawelbrodzinski Sep 9, 2013

    @ProjectAria That’s a tricky question…
    Disclaimer: Lunar Logic is a vendor of productivity / Kanban online tool which is Kanbanery: https://kanbanery.com/
    Our friends (and I mean it; I know the guys and they’re awesome) from LeanKit are doing awesome job delivering a tool allows to map more complex processes. If you need more than a single flow, swim lanes, etc. LeanKit is the best option around, hands down.
    At the same time if you look for a simple linear or process or are focused on (personal) productivity I believe that Kanbanery is a very appealing alternative. In fact, we don’t aim to cover the most complex processes, etc.
    Another option worth recommending is TargetProcess (http://www.targetprocess.com/).
    Having said that all the apps are task board-centric. Depending on your needs regarding project management app this may or may not be sufficient. Personally I’m biased toward the simplest tools that get the job done so it’s unlikely that I’d need anything more than these. But that’s me.
    If you are looking for something more, any recommendations would heavily depend on the features you need.

  4. Kanban for the masses.
    Yep, using Kanban, the effects are visible, now I’m trying to spread my kanban-thinking to other areas of life 🙂