How To Lead and Influence Without Authority with Dave Stachowiak: Episode 32

March 16, 2014

It’s hard enough to lead and influence people when we are the boss.

Now, how do we do that when we have no authority over our team?

This is a very common situation that project managers encounter.

To talk about this important topic, today I bring you the resourceful and always spotlessly professional Dave Stachowiak.

To listen to my conversation with Dave, press the “play” button on top of this post.

Dave Stachowiak

davedeskDave Stachowiak serves as senior vice president of Dale Carnegie Training of Southern Los Angeles and vice president of his own firm, Innovate Learning. Through his work, he has served many organizations in training, coaching, and facilitation roles and has engaged almost 2,000 leaders across the United States in training and coaching to enhance their human relations and communications skills, while supporting them through online learning and on site learning communities.

Dave has also instructed a number of undergraduate and graduate classes in leadership, education, and technology at Vanguard University of Southern California and produces the popular Coaching for Leaders podcast, which he co-hosts with his wife Bonnie.

PM FlashBlog

On today’s show I also bring back Mark Phillipy to talk about round 2 of the PM Flashblog.


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2 comments on “How To Lead and Influence Without Authority with Dave Stachowiak: Episode 32

  1. Cesar, it was a pleasure to join you for this chat – thank you for the invitation!

  2. PM4TM Mar 20, 2014

    Dave Stachowiak  It was my pleasure!  Thanks for stopping by and sharing this awesome content with us.