My Chat With LiquidPlanner CEO Liz Pearce: Episode 44

July 14, 2014


There are so many project management applications out there that sometimes it is difficult to choose the right one for your project.

Today I’d like to bring you a conversation I had with the CEO of LiquidPlanner, a company that has created and developed a fantastic project management application. Besides being a great tool, LiquidPlanner does a great job at engaging the PM community. They are active on social media and with their blog, and as a result is adding lots of value to our PM industry.

Because they understand project management and the project manager, I decided to invite LiquidPlanner CEO Liz Pearce to talk to us about project management, project managers, and their PM tool, LiquidPlanner. Let’s get started!

Liz Pearce

Liz Pearce Liquid PlannerLiz is an entrepreneurial leader who got ground-level marketing and product management experience at tech giants (Amazon, Google, Sony) before making her way into the startup world.

After rising from Director of Marketing to COO at LiquidPlanner, a Seattle-based maker of innovative online project management software, and helping the company bootstrap its way to profitability, she took over as CEO in August of 2012. Since 2007, Liz has helped more than 1500 project teams overcome scheduling and collaboration challenges through the use of best practices and better tools.

Liz is an active member of the technology community and is always looking for opportunities to learn, participate, and give back.

To listen to my conversation with Liz Pearce, press the “play” button on top of this post.

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