010 Making Sense of Social Media in Project Management with Tony Adams

September 16, 2013

Social MediaYou have heard that one of the top functions of the project manager is to communicate.

The thing is, social media is increasingly becoming the method of choice for people to communicate today.  So what is the project manager to make of this?  Social media and Project Management? Have you thought about this?

I’m so happy and excited to bring you this 10th episode of the PM for the Masses Podcast.  Today I’ll have the incendiary Tony Adams, and we will have a great little chat on social media and where it’s taking project managers.  It’s a brave new world out there, and who better than an Australian to take with you as you chart new territory?

This is a topic that I expect to come up over and over again, and what I really liked about my conversation with Tony is that we tried to ask the first necessary question in this discussion: what is social media, but more specifically, what is social media in a project environment?  If you’re thinking Twitter and Facebook, you might be surprised by our conversation.

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Tony Adams, PMPTony Adams, PMP

Tony Adams, PMP, is a a freelance Project Leadership consultant, writer and speaker, based in Melbourne Australia.

Tony has been a PM professional for 18 years and has worked with large corporations across Australia, Fiji, Jordan and American Samoa.

His blog, TonyAdamsPM.com, focusses on the importance of Communication in Project Management, the value that we can get from forming dynamic, authentic relationships with our teams and stakeholders.

Tony is also one of the most active members of the PM for the Masses Google+ Community.

First PM for the Masses Webinar!

Your Website EngineerOne of the things I want to do for you is to bring you some more great content outside of the podcast.  I have a plan to bring you quality webinars that will instruct and inspire you.

Now, since my last episode on blogging, I had a number of people reach out to me with questions about their blogs, which I was delighted to receive.  Thanks for all your emails, it was wonderful to get to know you and your blog.  So I decided to have my first webinar around that topic.

For my blog, as well as for the PM for the Masses website, I use a blogging platform called WordPress, which you might be familiar with.  In my opinion, the best way to have your own website and blog is to have a self-hosted WordPress installation.  It’s a great platform, and it gives you the ability to have your own domain name and it’s very cheap to host.

So for my first webinar, I will show you how to set up a WordPress blog.  I’ll show you how to get hosting, a domain name, and install WordPress.  Then, after I show you that, I’ll bring you my good friend and podcaster Dustin Hartzler from YourWebsiteEngineer.com to show you the 10 things you need to do after installing WordPress to make sure that it is protected, backed up, and all the basic things you need to do to ensure that your installation was done right.

Dustin is one of the best WordPress experts I know and he was gracious enough to agree to do this webinar for our community free of charge.  I have a number of WordPress sites so I’ll be taking notes as well.  If you have a WordPress blog, or would like to start your own blog the right way, make sure to check this webinar out.

The webinar will take place September 27, 2013 at 10AM Eastern, or GMT -4.  You can register by visiting this page.

Would you vote for me?

Be2AwardsAs you might know, I produce another show called the Construction Industry Podcast, that’s surprisingly dedicated to the construction industry. The cool thing is that the show was nominated for the second year in a row for the prestigious Be2awards.

The Be2Awards are the world’s only awards focused on social media in the built environment.  They have several categories, and the Construction Industry Podcast was nominated as the best 2013 A/E/C social media blog.  The show was nominated last year and won, so I have a nifty little trophy.  I would absolutely love it if you would vote for me this year… it would be so cool to win it again.  To do that it’s pretty simple: go to pmforthemasses.com/2013award and vote.  Simple as that!  I really appreciate it!

I really hope you enjoyed this 10th episode of the PM for the Masses Podcast!

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7 comments on “010 Making Sense of Social Media in Project Management with Tony Adams

  1. CheriEssner Sep 16, 2013

    I thought this was a great episode! Really nice to hear Tony voice! I totally agree with Tony that PM’s will fall behind if not engaged in Social Media.

  2. CheriEssner Sep 16, 2013

    I thought this was a great episode! Really nice to hear Tony’s voice! I totally agree with Tony that PM’s will fall behind if not engaged in Social Media.

  3. PM4TM Sep 16, 2013

    @CheriEssner Cheri, I’m glad you liked it! I had a great time talking to TonyAdams2002 and it was indeed nice to hear his voice.  You are doing a great job at being out there in social media, did you get any new insights?

  4. ankoobatra Sep 17, 2013

    tonyadams2002 @PM4TM  Brilliant discussion! This is the magic that happens when 2 truly authentic real people interact 🙂 My key takeaways:-
    – Social media isn’t going anywhere. As it evolves and get backed by research, how we to use technology for social media is going to mature and become mainstream. It is the need of the hour that  PM’s get on-board, drive this change and actively participate. I am myself witnessing this transition in my workplace. We have moved 100% to Gmail for business now. Simple collaboration it offers via shared drive and other apps is amazing. Connecting real time and personal touch is allowing me to have access to combined wisdom of larger team which was not possible otherwise. Example is this post itself and how much I’m able to share and learn from others. This real time access and collaboration is priceless.
    – Be Authentic. Do what energizes, drives you and world will be drawn towards your uniqueness. Couldn’t agree more. I’m so glad Tony that you identified what resonated with you and brought it forward to the world to admire and appreciate.
    Very entertaining to listen to two entirely different accents, nodding their heads and agreeing to one common theme – be yourself!

  5. PM4TM Sep 17, 2013

    @ankoobatra  tonyadams2002 It seems like you were paying attention :)Ankoo, thank you so much for this feedback and insightful takeaways.  I am so happy that you are a part of this community!I’d like to hear your accent too!  Would you be bold and try this?
    Have a great day!

  6. Adam Swan Oct 25, 2013

    Cesar, I’m behind in my listening , and just getting to this episode. Thanks for the shout out! Very cool and I look forward to catching up on all these PM4TM episodes!

  7. PM4TM Oct 25, 2013

    Adam Swan Adam, you’re welcome! Thanks for listening!