Managing email with David Sparks

February 10, 2014

MacSparky Email Field Guide CoverImagine all the things us project managers could do with the time we spend in our email inboxes every day.

Why so much email?  Why do we spend so much time dealing with email?

My guest this week, David Sparks, literally wrote the book on email.  We will talk about his book, try to figure out why email is ruling the lives of many of us, and some strategies on managing email, email etiquette, and much more.

I was a bit star struck during the interview! I’ve been listening to David and the podcast he co-hosts with Katie Floyd, Mac Power Users, for years now. I’m a big fan of his work and his style.

To listen to my conversation with David Sparks, press the play button on top of this post.

David Sparks

David SparksDavid Sparks is a trial attorney in Orange County, California, where heʼs been eating other lawyersʼ lunch for years using Apple Technologies. David is also the editor of and the co-host of the popular “Mac Power Users” podcast (

David speaks and writes often about Apple technology. David is a past speaker at Macworld / iWorld and a regular faculty member for the American Bar Association’s TechShow. David also lectured to the Federal Judicial College. David published two books for Wiley Press, “Mac at Work” and “iPad at Work”. David also publishes the MacSparky Field Guides including the best selling iBooks Author books Email, Markdown, 60 Mac Tips, and Paperless, awarded a Best of 2012 award from Apple.


saneboxDavid and I dedicated a big chunk of the episode talking about SaneBox, a great application to help you manage email.

After my chat with him and finishing his book, I decided to take it for a spin – and it turns out I really like it.

SaneBox does a number of clever things to sort your messages before you see them, so the most important messages show up first, and less important messages get put away so you can deal with them later.

Besides this, SaneBox does many other things to help you manage email.  Check it out by clicking here.

Stitcher Radio

stitcher-iphoneStitcher is a great app for finding new podcasts to listen to.  PM for the Masses has been part of the Stitcher catalog from the beginning, but I was always hesitant to recommend the service.

The reason why I hesitated was that Stitcher recompresses the audio file for the podcasts in its catalog, and the result is very poor audio quality.

Following a tip from another podcaster, I requested Stitcher to NOT recompress PM for the Masses – and they agreed!

So I’d like to recommend this resource for you who listen to lots of podcasts.  Stitcher has apps for all platforms and makes it really easy to find shows and subscribe.  Check it out by clicking here.

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4 comments on “Managing email with David Sparks

  1. Thank you for the mention.  Great podcast.  I like the work of David Sparks, and should probably listen to his podcast.  

    For the curious, here’s the last post on my study plan for my PMP.  – Michel

  2. I forgot to say: I love the 1password app and have been using it systematically for a while.  Excellent tool!

  3. PM4TM Feb 14, 2014

    Hi, ProjectAria  congrats again!  And thanks for listening. MacSparky will like to hear that you like his work.

  4. JustusB Feb 16, 2014

    Hello Cesar,
    Thanks a lot for this week’s episode. I am using Boomerang for Gmail ( to achieve zero inbox and managing my Email in general.  Maybe something worth to look into also/
    Have a nice rest of the weekend,