021 My Chat With Michael Sliwinski: Here’s Why Nozbe Is Such A Popular Productivity Tool

December 2, 2013

nozbe-logoThink about your to-do list.  Is it paper-based?  Is it on a computer application? Is it on your smartphone?

Now imagine all the complaints you have about the system you are using.  Think about all the “wouldn’t-it-be-nice-if” features that you wished your productivity system had.

My guest today, Michael Sliwinski, did exactly that. Then he set out to create a tool that would fill in those gaps.

What happened next is truly remarkable: the app he created to solve his own problem is now ranked one of the top productivity apps available, and it has over 150,000 users when this podcast episode was released.

Nozbe, as Michael called it, is not only used by thousands of people every day, but it is also the productivity tool of choice for productivity gurus like Michael Hyatt and many others.

On today’s episode of the PM for the Masses Podcast, I ask Michael Sliwinski about his take on productivity, and all about Nozbe.

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of OmniFocus, which is a Nozbe competitor.

I asked Michael point blank why Nozbe is superior to OmniFocus.

After today’s episode, I might make the switch.  Nozbe is that good.

To listen to today’s show, click the “play” button on top of this post.

Michael Sliwinski

Michael-Sliwinski-1Michael Sliwinski is a productivity guy.

He’s the founder of Nozbe, an award-winning project management and collaboration platform (web-based with native apps for the Mac, Windows, Android, iPad and the iPhone), the editor of the Productive! Magazine and best-selling co-author of the #iPadOnly book.

To listen to my conversation with Michael, click the “play” button on top of this post.

Nozbe is on Sale

press-nozbe-logoNozbe is having a great 40% off Black Friday sale.

If you subscribe to one of the paid plans before the end of the day Monday, using this link, you will get a 40% off discount.

Link to Nozbe website

When checking out, use the discount code THANKS13.

This is good only for this Thanksgiving weekend, so you must do it today!

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