Take Control of Your Career: Episode 77

March 3, 2015

On today’s episode of the Project Management for the Masses Podcast I have a great conversation with my friend Dev Ramcharan on the topic of taking control of our careers as project managers.

When I first approached Dev for this episode, the goal was to simply discuss the latest PMI report on a salary survey they conducted, but our conversation quickly moved into a much more broad talk regarding our PM careers.  Dev and I share a lot of common insights on this topic, so I suspect there will be more collaboration between him and I in the future.

This turned out to be one of my favourite episodes of the PM for the Masses Podcast.  Press the play button above this post to listen to my interview.

Dev Ramcharan

DevRamcharanDev Ramcharan is a practicing project management professional and a certified career transition coach serving project management professionals worldwide as they focus on building and optimizing their careers.

He has 25 years of working experience in private and public sector environments and has built project management offices for many of these organizations. Dev loves the people side of the profession and his progression into career guidance and coaching has been a natural development. He is the founder and lead coach of AROUCA ( pronounced arooka) Career Coaching, and loves providing direct and personal support to his clients who range from analysts and coordinators to senior executives around the world, via phone and Skype.

Dev is also used regularly by PMI as a member of their career development webinar panel and speaks internationally on project management.

Project Management “Must Read Articles”

On this episode I also share the latest PM “Must Read” articles as shared by my friend Dave Gordon.

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