How To Use The Tornado Diagram

Here’s another great tip from Cornelius Fichtner, host of the PM Prepcast. One of the more obscure terms that you need to know for the PMP Exam is the “Tornado Diagram”. Basically, the tornado diagram is a typical display format of the sensitivity analysis. Let’s look at this in more detail. A Tornado diagram, also […]


Schedule your PMP Exam early

One of the more important steps in preparing for the PMP exam is to schedule you exam date as soon as you meet all the eligibility requirements. This will give you a specific date toward which you can work. Now you have deadline – a big red “X” on your calendar – and this will […]

Welcome to Project Management for the Masses!

Dear project managers, project managers-to-be, and project managers wannabes! I decided to start this website because I saw an exciting opportunity.  I’ll explain. Today there is an vast amount of project management knowledge available.  These concepts, tools, and techniques are well known within the project management profession, but it is vastly unknown outside of it.  […]