The Power of Playfulness in Leadership

May 25, 2022

Today I bring you the scrappy Kimberly Wiefling, who will delight you with her playful take on leadership and project management.

Kimberly Wiefling

The delightful Kimberly Wiefling 🙂

Kimberly’s a serial entrepreneur, the founder of Wiefling Consulting, and co-founder of Silicon Valley Alliances.

She is known for her authentically scrappy style. At Hewlett Packard she felt like a hired assassin where she prioritized projects over people.

After 10 years working in technology, she realised that technology fails far less frequently than people do.

She uses her experience as a scientist and technologist to navigate and transform the messy world of organisational culture.

Her superpower is helping companies achieve what seems impossible by converting common sense into common practice and bringing people with diverse backgrounds together to achieve what couldn’t be done alone.

Kimberly has worked with over a hundred major corporations including Yamaha Motors, Suntory, Mitsubishi, NASA, and Indeed.

She has produced 6 books in her “Scrappy” brand series, including the international bestseller ‘Scrappy Project Management’, which continues to sell well 14 years after the original publication, was translated into Japanese, and is used as a textbook in project management courses.

Kimberly is a highly sought after speaker, and has presented in more than a dozen countries and worked with people from over 50 countries ( Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Germany, USA, China, Thailand, Zambia, UK, France, Armenia, etc.)

Her personal mentor is the Lifetime Achievement Award-winning thought leader of organisational development, Dr. Edgar Schein.

Her mission is to wipe out the pandemic of soul-sucking, toxic organisations so that people can be fully engaged, and contribute the highest and best versions of themselves to their work.

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