The Problem with Meetings: Episode 29

February 17, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 29 of the PM for the Masses Podcast!

Did you know that every month, employees attend 62 meetings for an average of 31 hours? Every month!

Following last week’s conversation with David Sparks when we talked about taming email, today we talk about another major time-waster for project managers (and other professionals): poorly planned and executed meetings.

less-meeting-app-logo-1To talk about meetings, I invited Stephen Weber from Less Meeting to talk about meetings and the application they have developed to help make meetings shorter and more effective.

Ever since my conversation with Stephen, I have been using Less Meeting to manage my meetings – including my podcast interviews.  It works really well and it is a very well designed application.

Press the “play” button on top of this episode to listen to my conversation with Stephen.  We will cover what’s broken with the way meetings are conducted, and how to make meetings better.

For the sake of disclosure, because I use Less Meeting and can confidently recommend it to you, I have  become an affiliate of the service. So if you sign up, I will receive a commission.

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