Project Management for You and the Kickstarter Campaign

September 22, 2014

_podcastTemplateHello everyone and welcome to this very short episode of the podcast.

Today I take a few minutes just to give you an update on the “Project Management for You” book and Kickstarter campaign.

Project Management for You Podcast Series

Starting around the end of September 2014, I will be releasing a new prodcast series called Project Management for You.  This series will run every weekday, for about 3 weeks.

The series will explore the basics of project management, and I am inviting on to this series some of the past guests of the PM for the Masses Podcast, as well as some new names for your enjoyment 🙂

As a subscriber of the PM for the Masses Podcast, you will automatically see this series as part of our regular feed.

Kickstarter Campaign

In order to help me fund the costs of self-publishing, I will be starting a Kickstarter campaign around the end of September 2014.

The campaign will run concurrently with the podcast series, so that way I can deliver value even to those who do not back the campaign financially.

I am really nervous excited about this campaign, especially because if I don’t make the funding goal, I don’t get any of the funds!

You will be able to reach the campaign page here:

And that’s it for the show today!  I am so excited about this new series and campaign!  Thanks for being there through this journey with me.