017 Project Managers, Let’s All Use Plain Language

November 3, 2013

Hello once again!

I am a big advocate for the use of plain language.

If you have been listening to the show for a while, you probably have noticed that I tend to speak to you as I would to a friend.  Though part of it it’s because English is my second language, it’s just a preference of mine – even in my native Portuguese.

cplI learned of the Center for Plain Language while reading the book Likeonomics.

The idea that there is an organization out there dedicated to promoting plain language really spoke to me, so I immediately decided to have an episode dedicated to the topic.

On today’s show I have Dr. Annetta Cheek, from the Center for Plain Language.

From their very plainly written website, the Center for Plain Language wants government and business documents to be clear and understandable.

They support those who use plain language, train those who should use plain language, and urge people to demand plain language in all the documents they receive, read, and use.

Dr. Cheek spoke with me how the idea for the Center for Plain Language came about. She also shares with us some great tips to get started writing plainly and clearly.

Press the “play” button on top of this post to listen to my conversation with Dr. Cheek.

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