Project Management for You: Tony Adams (@TonyAdams2002)

October 2, 2014

_podcastTemplateWelcome to the fourth episode of the Project Management for You series!

This series will run every day, for 4 weeks.  Get ready for a ton of great conversations around Project Management principles, ideas, tools, and techniques.

Today I bring the delightful Tony Adams on to the show to get his take on Project Management.

We will cover:

  • How would you define Project Management to the lay person?
  • What is the least people need to know about Project Management to start on the path of getting things done?
  • What are the stages of bringing an idea to reality?
  • If you could recommend one technique from the PM world to the masses, what would it be and where can we learn it?
  • Managing projects often means working with other people. What’s the best way to know when and what to delegate, and to compel people to collaborate on a project?
  • What are some tips for those who want to learn and use project management to get things done?

Tony Adams

Tony Adams, PMP

Tony Adams

Tony Adams, PMP, is a a freelance Project Leadership consultant, writer and speaker, based in Melbourne Australia.

Tony has been a PM professional for 18 years and has worked with large corporations across Australia, Fiji, Jordan and American Samoa.

His blog,, focusses on the importance of Communication in Project Management, the value that we can get from forming dynamic, authentic relationships with our teams and stakeholders.

Tony is also one of the most active members of the PM for the Masses Google+ Community.

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