How To Be A Servant Leader with Mark Phillipy: Episode 31

March 10, 2014

Leadership.  This was the topic of my last episode with Susanne Madsen, and I will be covering this topic frequently here on the PM for the Masses Podcast.

This week I speak with the ubiquitous Mark Phillipy, the Sensible Project Manager.  We talk about his professional journey and his very personal take on leadership and what it means to him.

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Mark Phillipy


Mark Phillipy and his thumb.

Mark has been a project manager for 15 years and was recently elected as the VP of programs in his local PMI Chapter. He became a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) in 2001. His project management experience has focused on the IT industry including all aspects of software development and implementation using both traditional and Agile project management frameworks.

He blogs as The Sensible Project Manager and is the host of two podcasts about project management: The “Sensible Project Manager Podcast” and the “SensiblePM 101 Podcast”. He also leads the Sensible Project Manager Hangout Community on Google+ and hosts a weekly #PMHangout discussing various PM topics.

To listen to this episode, press the “play” button on top of this post.

Book: Project:Success

Project-Success-Book-StackI recently was introduced to author Mark Sieverkropp and after a Skype call we quickly realized we had a lot in common.  He recently co-published a book called Project: Success: How to break barriers and bring your ideas to life. He was kind enough to let read it right before it launched and asked me for my feedback.

The book is a great introduction to personal project management, especially for those not very familiar with PM concepts.  Besides encouraging the reader to manage their goals as projects, the book also coaches the overwhelmed and perhaps intimidated reader to change mindsets, see the big picture, and believe that indeed it is possible.

You can click here to get it on Amazon.

If you have a goal in your life that is overwhelming and you feel you perhaps are not up to the challenge, this book will be of great help.

Mark also co-hosts the “Happen to Your Career” podcast with Scott Barlow, which helps the listener do the work they were meant to.

Join me on Fitbit

fitbitOn this episode I also talk about this little gadget that has helped me lose 16 pounds so far.

The Fitbit is a device you wear during the day that monitors your physical activity.  It does so by counting your steps, the total distance you walk, how many floors you climb, calories burned, and even how well you sleep.  The accompanying smartphone app also lets you track caloric intake, how many glasses of water you drink, and other data.

But what really motivates me to use it is the community.  You can “friend” people on Fitbit and then compete with one another for how much you walk every day.  This is a lot of fun and it has been a real encouragement to me.

So I created a PM for the Masses community of Fitbit, which you can find here. If you have one of these devices, please join and connect with me!

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