Sittin’ on the dock of the bay… Wasting time? It’s up to you.

June 9, 2011

Margaret Meloni just posted this great little tidbit on wasting time.  If you have a minute, check it out.

I think we all worry that we are wasting our time.  We worry we’re wasting our time on this career path, on this relationship.  Margaret talks about wasting time at the grocery line.

As I like to put it, time spent doing what you’re supposed to do is not wasted.  Margaret’s example of the line at the grocery store is a great one.  If, in the great scheme of things, you know that the one thing you need to do with your life at that moment is to buy groceries, then waiting in line is not a waste of time.  It’s the best way, at that moment, you could be using your time.  If you have that awareness, than everything else, including your disposition and state of mind, falls into place.

St. John Bosco

Saint John Bosco, while spending a joyful Saturday afternoon playing soccer with the seminarians, was asked a question like this: “What would you do right now if you knew your life would end in the next 30 minutes?” The other seminarians, expecting him to give a great answer about repentance, reconciliation, and prayer, were surprised when he said:

“I’d finish this game of soccer.”

This great guy knew exactly what he should be doing at any time.  There is a little duty to every moment, and finding what that is and investing yourself in it is the best way to spend the numbered amount  of heartbeats we are given.

The question is, DO you know what you should be doing?