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The PM for the Masses Podcast is a regular must listen for me.

Peter Taylor, The Lazy Project Manager (Author and Host of The Lazy Project Manager Podcast)


PM4TM Artwork 1400x1400About the Show and My Audience

The Project Management for the Masses Podcast delivers a weekly audio program that has thousands of loyal subscribers around the world. In the PM for the Masses Podcast, I bring interviews and topics to educate and inspire project managers to be better at work and life.  I also share with my audience my own journey through my career in Project Management in many ways: my victories, my setbacks, and my favourite books, hacks, and apps. As a result of my openness, transparency, and authenticity, I have developed personal relationships with many of my listeners.

The PM for the Masses Podcast is one of only a handful of regularly-produced podcasts dedicated exclusively to Project Management and Project Managers.

The PM for the Masses Podcast is also the only regularly-produced Project Management podcast that is open to sponsors.

My audience is comprised mostly of professionals in the Project Management field, many of them intentionally looking for better tools and resources.

Why Sponsor the PM for the Masses Podcast?

  • The only major, regularly-produced Project Management podcast open to sponsors
  • Constantly ranked with other top Project Management podcasts in iTunes:


  • A thriving, loyal community of listeners looking specifically for tools and services to help them be better at work and in life. Here is a sample of the reviews listeners have written for the show in iTunes:

PM for the Masses Reviews in iTunes

  • A growing podcast – you will always get more exposure than what you pay for, week after week
  • Evergreen advertising – your message will live long after it has gone live
  • Sole sponsorship – your message will be the only sponsored message on a single episode

Is Your Product or Service the Right Fit for My Audience?

As the host of the PM for the Masses Podcast, I enjoy an incredible amount of influence with my audience.  This was built over years of being honest, authentic, and always having their best interest in mind.

If I am not yet a user and a fan of your product/service, I require a period of time for me to get to learn more about it.  During this period, I will test and use your product/service to get a better understanding of it. I will also ask questions to ensure I’m well acquainted with what you offer so I can promote it with confidence and understanding.

The Details

All sponsors get:

  • A professional read that is seamless and integrated with each episode content
  • Exposure to thousands of potential new customers every week
  • Featured spot on my sponsors page at
  • Featured spot and link on the show notes page for each episode
  • One full length interview/episode on their product/service

All sponsors are encouraged to provide:

  • A discount code to your product/service that is exclusive to PM for the Masses Podcast listeners
  • Scripts/keywords that would be desired to be read during the spot
  • Access to some of their team members for potential short interviews to be placed on the show

Initial Commitment

I require a commitment of at least 6 months for any sponsorship.  This is a total of 26 episodes.

The pricing will be locked at the beginning of the campaign and stay the same throughout, even as the show gains more subscribers.

Pricing and Packages

As of May 2016, these are the available packages:

pricesPackage #1

  • 15 second pre feature segment spot

Contact me for pricing

Package #2

  • 15 second pre feature segment spot
  • 30 second mid feature segment spot

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Package #3

  • 15 second pre feature segment spot
  • 30 second mid feature segment spot
  • 15 second end of show spot

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I look forward to working with you!  Please contact me through my website or through