Traci Duez at TEDx Houston?

December 5, 2013

Traci_set1_headshotHello everyone!

Here’s how you can help a fantastic human being.

Traci Duez was my guest back on episode 2 of the PM for the Masses Podcast.  To this day I still hear from listeners about her and how much value she brought to the show.  Her interview is one of the most downloaded to this day, and often people tell me that she has been their favourite guest.

I would love to see Traci continue to spread her message to wider audiences.

If you have listened and enjoyed my interview with her, consider nominating her to speak at TEDx Houston.

It’s pretty simple, use this link below:

Nominate Traci Duez to be a speaker at TEDx Houston

If you do, let me know using the comment box below!

Good luck, Traci!