Using The Web To Build Your Reputation: Episode 35

April 13, 2014


Hello everyone and welcome to episode 35 of the PM for the Masses Podcast!

Today I bring you some of the message I shared last Friday at the PMI Southwestern Ontario Chapter symposium, on using the internet to help build your image, reputation, and career.  I also bring you some of my thoughts after this awesome event.

On today show I will reveal:

  • How to shape what the Internet has to say about you as a professional
  • The reason why the web may not be working for you as you search for work or opportunities
  • My own definition for “Internet”
  • The need for you to choose a niche to be an expert in
  • The 4 levels of the relationship between you and the Internet
  • My strategies to make the web work for you
  • Ideas for curating, creating, and engaging with online content
  • Some resources to get started taking charge of what the Internet has to say about you

Being intentional online has done amazing things for my career.  I hope with today’s episode that I’m able to inspire you to do something similar.

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One comment on “Using The Web To Build Your Reputation: Episode 35

  1. Khalid AlMoemen Apr 15, 2014

    Cesar, in this episode you succeeded to take me from A to B. Thank you for that. This episode is a good gift from you to who is looking for how establish his brand in the internet. I will share it with my connection friends.
    Thank you again and keep the outstanding work.
    Khalid Al-Moemen